Monday, July 25, 2011

Trim the Fat: Motivation: yes, I would like some

Trim the Fat: Motivation: yes, I would like some: "“People say motivate doesn’t last well neither does bathing----that’s why we recommend it daily” Every day I need to find something differen..."

Motivation: yes, I would like some

“People say motivate doesn’t last well neither does bathing----that’s why we recommend it daily”
Every day I need to find something different to motivate myself not to go to McDonald’s, or Wendy’s…  Today it’s you, maybe someone is actually reading this.
How do you motivate yourself?  I recently have lost all motivation. I ate out twice today and one time was at the Melting Pot. So I had cheese and chocolate for dinner.  While it was very cheap I’ll have to buy new clothes because I will not fit into the ones I own. 
I try to motivate myself by hanging up pictures of myself when I was thin, and even rewarding myself for losing weight (but that’s an oxymoron, because I reward myself with food)  I even had a friend text me about using paperclips as a way to measure weight loss. 
I did weigh in on Friday, and it was also less than motivating…  I am going on vacation this week and will be walking like crazy, but I’ll also be eating out every meal.  So I sending this question out into space what is your motiviation?

Monday, July 18, 2011

I take it off in public…

Lost 2.6 this past week!  I’m feeling great about it.  Hopefully this week I’ll be as successful.
This past weekend was fast and crazy!  First off, I can’t remember the last time I got home at 4am… The weekend started off with a bachorlette party on Friday at Funky Town and then on Saturday it was a wrap up with NKOTBSB.  And that leads me to 'taking it off in public'.
I’m going to be honest I cheated all weekend, big time cheating!  It started out with Friday having dinner at Kelso’s and then having adult beverage all night at Funky Town.  Then Saturday, I needed some greasy food so it was on to chubby’s for lunch (I which then had a crap food, and dessert) and then for dinner gross pizza.  So at the concert I had more adult beverages.  I figured I was burning off the drinks as I was drinking them because I was dancing.  I’m glad I wore my arm band because I had over two hours of activity and 13989 steps on Saturday alone!  So that has to be a good thing.
After the concert my friends and I were waiting on our ride to pick us up, so we decided to go get Burger King at the BK bar.  As I’m sitting there enjoying my chicken sandwich the lady sitting next to me made some comment about my bodymedia monitor.  (I can’t remember what she said…) I go on to tell her I always wear it and that tonight was a good night because of all the dancing.  “Well, I take mine off in public”  I didn’t have much to say to that.  I wanted to ask her, well when do you wear your monitor, because I’m in the public every day?   I did try to wear it up on my arm so my sleeves cover it, but it tends to fall down. 
So to the lady who, ‘takes it off in public’ I’m proud to be losing weight, I’m not proud to be fat.  So I’m going to wear my monitor every day, wear it proud, and answer all the questions from strangers.   
Goal for today: get my steps in, because it's crazy hot.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

I'm poor because I'm fat...

Yes, it's true, I'm poor because I spend all of my money on food, and diet programs.  I would say the gym but when I do go, I just pay the $7 every time.  So today after I walked I went to Wendy's to reward myself...  Yes, I know what I just typed.  So that is going to be my one meal for the day. 

Like I said earlier, I'm poor because I'm fat.  Well, I spend between $60-$80 on food to JC every week, but then I don't eat it.  Now it is frozen so I don't always spend that much.  What get's me, is that I love to eat out!  So I'm spending double money.   I love working out with my trainer, she does motivate me, I just wish I could afford to work out with her every day.  Once again because I'm fat that means I'm poor so I can't afford her every day...  Should I buy a treadmill?  And if I do, where could get a nice used one?

Goal for today: No more eating out...

Goal for tomorrow: I do have a plans to go out tomorrow, so my plan is to not drink, well maybe just one drink, and not to eat crap.  For example the restuarant has fried cheese at it, while it's probably most amazing form of cheese, it's also the worst for me.  But I will be dancing so that will be my cardio for tomorrow.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Is Will Power on the menu?

Well…yesterday was less than a success.  It’s so hot outside I don’t even want go outside for a walk. Walking outside when it’s so hot is not fun for me because I can’t breathe, I have developed asthma (another wonderful side effect from becoming fat).  So yesterday my cardio was walking around Nebraska Furniture Mart.  And to be honest it’s not really cardio because I never did get my heart rate up, I was too busy looking at stuff. 
Will Power. I don’t have it.  Have you ever met someone with will power?  These people are typically skinny, involved in everything, and are great at everything they do!  Is it too late for me to become one of these “Super” people?  Is will power something you are born with?  Was this a class I didn’t take in college?  OR is it something entirely different, such as self-discipline?   So how do you get will power?
(Self-discipline is tomorrow’s blog)
Update: I did not get all of my steps in only 5905 when it was all said and done, and as for sleep…well I’m an awful sleeper. I’m to get 8 hours; I average 5.5 at 77%.  What does this mean? I’m not really sleeping, I’m lying in bed but I’m in that strange in between sleep land. I'll put it this way: I sleep with the TV on and if I’m not in deep sleep and it turns off I wake up.  Sleep is a big part of weight loss. I lost 500 calories just in my sleep!  I did however make my minutes of physical activity (45 minutes a day).  As for calories consumed, I was over, which goes back to will power.  I’m to have only 1200 calories a day.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Holding Myself Accountable...

I get to wear this awesome monitor every day.  I highly recommend wearing one, its called bodymedia.  Now, I get lots of questions from complete strangers and everyone else in-between, "What is that?"  Basically it looks like the second generation i-pod nano.  This monitor is pretty cool!  It tells me the following things: Calories burned, Calories Consumed, Calorie Balance, Physical Activity, Steps Taken, and Sleep Duration.  The monitor gives me a recommendation of how many steps I need to take, how many calories I've burned, etc.  So twice a day I like to plug it in to see where if I'm at meeting all of my goals.  You are probably asking yourself how the program gets its goals.  Well, I had to tell the program how much weight I want to lose a week and what my goal weight is. Of course I do have to tell the program what I had to eat that day.  And let me tell you, once you see how many calories are things you totally re-think your afternoon snack!

8,000 steps in one day, it doesn't sound like a lot, but it is.  I am a teacher so during the school year I'm up walking around, but its summer now... I'm sitting on my fat ass enjoying the soaps and HBO.  Yesterday, I actually walked 7,304, while it's not a record it was better than the day before.  And shockingly after I logged my food today, I was on a weight lose trend!  While this is great I know my counselor from JC (Jenny Craig) is going to be calling me and asking if I'm eating good... And the answer is NO.

So today is a new day, I am going to eat my JC food for all of my meals and my snacks (no cheating).  I'm also going to write down what I've had to eat over the past few days.  After all aren't I blogging to hold myself accountable? 

Monday, July 11, 2011

Baby Steps

First off I’m not a writer.  Anybody who has ever read an email from me knows this, I’m the world’s worst speller and I leave out words.  But I will proof read this blog!  That is the one promise I can make.
I just watched the movie Julie/Julia, and like most people it has inspired me to write my own blog.  Since Julie’s days of blogging began in 2002, blogs have since grown, so I’m sure I will not get the response she did.  While Julie’s blog was about her journey through the Julia Child’s cookbook, mine is just the opposite. This is the blog about what happens after you eat Julia Child’s food for years…
My weight gain journey starts like many others…COLLEGE! While college is not totally to blame, it was the start.  My food groups for the past few years have been Fast Food (I don’t discrimate, I love them all), bacon, pasta (really any carbs will do) and chocolate.  So why was I surprised when I started gaining weight?  My favorite food groups would not do this to me, we were having a love affair.
"Name the Diet" is a game I like to play.   I can guarantee that I’ve paid lots of $ for the diet, and then I gave up a month into the it.  I do believe that diets do not fail, but motivation falls people.  I am not motivated.  I’m currently doing the Jenny Craig diet, I’m not even finished paying this off, and I’m ready to give up!  Well my hopes is that if I make my struggle with weight loss public maybe that will hold me accountable besides the money factor.  While I do have a very strong support system, like many people I'm failing.
I will not be sharing with you my weight, but I will share with you my eating habits, my progress on my weekly weigh-ins, and my lack of excerise.  I promise to update once a day or at the least every other day. So here goes nothing, my first of hopefully many blogs.