Thursday, December 8, 2011

“My life is a constant between my love of Food and not wanting to be Fat.”

I found this and immediately knew it was about me.  I love food; I always have and probably always will.  It’s my hope that someday I will have a much better relationship with food.  I grew up in a house where my mother always cooked and we always had sweets around. So why do I have so many issues with sweets and actually cooking, as an adult?  I enjoy to cook, but it’s not fun to cook for one.  Since I’ve lived alone,(for seven years) in that time, I have probably cooked for myself about twenty times for myself.  I love to eat out, it’s a simple fact, I love to eat out!  Of course, when I eat out I don’t order a salad, I order something that isn’t very healthy, and I order all the courses.  I have gotten better with ordering drinks, I now just get water.  Baby steps, baby steps.  I’m not going to dinner this weekend.  But I am going to attend two holiday parties.  So here’s to baby steps.
Eating today…Not good at all, nor did I make it to bootcamp.  And of course, I’m now afraid that I’ll get yelled out by the trainer for not going tonight!  Sorry… I’m busy, but with saying that, I know that I need to make time for myself and this diet.  I will eat better tomorrow and this weekend, life is too short to go through it unhappy and fat!

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