Sunday, December 4, 2011

It wasn't worth it!

So tonight after dinner, I was feeling miserable...  I had brought a Jenny Craig meal with me, I had made the decision to eat the dinner, but I get to dinner, and it smells so good.  Dinner smelled better than it tasted, (not saying it wasn't good) it wasn't worth me feeling bad about my bad decision.  I could have the same thing with half the calories.  So today, it clicked.  I came home and didn't want to eat anything, and while eating dinner, I was drinking water in between each bite.  I have my bag packed for zumba tomorrow, and I've made plans after zumba to go to the store and walk.  I'm checking into a used treadmill or a bike.  Which is better a treadmill or a bike? 

Amen to that

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