Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Drive Home not Thru

Where do I start????  I have had a few pretty GREAT days.   I have cheated, but not bad, and when I have cheated I haven't let it ruin my day.  In fact, when I have cheated I just get back on Jenny Craig horse. 

I find when I cheat, its right after school. So every day on my way home it goes through my mind, will I have will power or will I cheat?  So when I do drive thru, I’ve started making better cheating choices, I go to Jimmy John's I get the slim sandwich with chips.  I don't eat the whole sandwich and I don't eat all the chips, so when I’m hungry later I have the other half of the sandwich.  When I got home from bootcamp last night, I didn't have a snack or for that fact another meal or the left over sandwich. And now I'm going to evens stop the half sandwich routine next week!  It's all about cutting slowly for me not cutting off all at once.

I've been doing a great job at school also.  I went to zumba again and I love it!  (Thank you Jen for encouraging me to go)  I'm thinking about changing the days of week I go to bootcamp and go to zumba on my off days.  I would have a day or two that would overlap, though.  So here's to finally getting it! 

On another positive note: I had a doctor's appointment and I've lost 20lbs since August!  And yesterday I had 3 hours and 31 minutes of physical activity, a new high!

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