Thursday, December 1, 2011

Click it or Ticket???

Girl Scout Cookies… Those three words will kill me, and they almost did.  I would like to thank Jennifer Northcutt for getting on me for eating the cookies!  I did have a few cookies and then gave the rest to my students.   I was having an off day, meaning I was feeling down and I didn’t really know why.   During my pity party, a Jen started to talk to me about when it just clicked for her during her resent weight loss.  I want that ‘click’ to happen to me.  So in order to force that, I’m going to take the plug and try on a wedding dress this weekend.
I keep beating myself up when I cheat.  Then while I’m beating myself up, to comfort myself I eat!  What is wrong with me???  So my question tonight is… While you are having a pity party what do you do to comfort yourself? 
While I’m typing this, I’m watching the Millionaire Matchmaker reunion, and Patty Signer looks awesome.  She did say she had her eyes done, but she hits the gym three days a week.  I go to boot camp three days a week, but on the off days I need to go to the gym!  So I’m going to enlist once again a friend to be my gym buddy.  I just want to get on the treadmill and walk.  I hate going around the track, maybe I could do the track!  Or let’s be honest I hate to leave once I get there.  So I’m thinking I need a treadmill or a stationary bike. 

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